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I have the opportunity to put my 10 years of experience in Search and Internet-Marketing to practice every-single day at PlattForm Advertising. My current position as a Senior Interactive Media Buyer on the Internal PPC Team strives to produce profitability through internet marketing of internally-owned properties that have either been acquired, created, or managed by the parent company or any of our child companies. I focus on a performance metric and produce high-quality inquiries from potential students to post-secondary and higher-education institutions.

My current role allows much focus on driving innovation in the paid Search marketing field and the ability to maximize our reach and growth-potential by creating revenue from areas in which our competitors cannot.  This role also provides me the ” innovation freedom” to create cutting-edge internet-marketing and usability improvements which result in new business models for the company. One of the biggest areas of growth in which I am currently focused on is within the Mobile Industry.



I also own 2 internet marketing companies:

Company #1 is focused on management & consulting of paid-search-marketing campaigns for clients who have significant online budgets and want to produce business from their online properties. Our current clients range from Lawyers to Real Estate agents, but primarily focused in the Financial Industry.

Company #2 is focused wholly on our internally-owned websites. These properties are International and Social in nature and work together to create our very own Vertical Ad-Network.

I do have a third company in the works, but balancing my career and these two companies takes up a majority of my day :) .


Free Time:

I consider myself an avid outdoorsman. I fly-fish, kayak, hunt, camp, photograph and read everything about Alaska that I can get my hands on. I am always inspired by the outdoors and try and keep my mind sane by spending as much time as I can “out there”. With respect to this part of my life, I have a few lofty outdoor goals that I am trying to accomplish.

I’m currently training for my own version of the MR340. (The MR340 The world’s longest non-stop river race- It runs along the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles/St. Louis and you have to finish in under 88 hours) . Since I am not the standard “Type A” personality for this race, and sharing such beauty with 300 other boaters at the same time doesn’t interest me in the slightest, I want to complete 300 miles by kayak and in less than 6 days from further north on the Missouri River. My tentative plan is Yankton, SD to St. Joseph, MO,  and I plan on documenting the entire journey from a solar powered iphone and a few relevant tracking applications installed on it (if all goes according to plan). I’m not sure when this will take place as the rivers have been bursting their seems over the past 2 summers and I am out of shape for a trip like this. I’ll also need a different type of kayak than I currently use to complete this journey- one that’s longer, leaner and lighter. I currently have 2, twelve foot “fat” recreational kayaks that don’t tend to track well. Both are 46lbs dry, and don’t have enough storage space for more than a day or 2 on the water. Since I am very tall, finding a kayak that fits my frame has been difficult, I’ve been shopping around for nearly a year for the right one, and I think I may have found a 14′ touring model that fits me, is light enough for it’s length, and has enough bulkhead space to fit a week’s worth of supplies.

Yes, this is my goal and it’s a goal of life, not time- I will accomplish this goal before I leave this earth.

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