Welcome! Now Get Me a Beer :)

Bienvenido a la vida de Casey Murawski, quizás sólo debe leer para aprender un poco sobre .

No need to translate, I just wanted to welcome you all to…well…my name! (and a dot com following shortly thereafter)

Referencing my cutty spanish just took my brain back in time. For those of you who know me, you know there’s a story coming…..

Let’s travel back to July, 2008. I was invited to the Dominican Republic by my best friend for a long, relaxing vacation. I didn’t hesitate. Gone I was, sitting by the beach with the stereotypical Corona in hand. I have to admit, as awesome as the DR was, it was pretty hard to forget where I had just come from. The economy was in shambles, businesses were failing, I was a couple months through my generous severance package from 2 great years at an internet start-up. Then, poof, here I was! No job, no responsibilities, no rushing around… Here I was – just sitting on my butt, thousands of miles from home, and just letting my mind reset, relax and think about whatever it wanted to. Guess what, sitting there on that beach, combing my toes through that powdery, white sand, I came up with the most brilliant business idea to date. That little idea turned into a full-scale business that I’m still trying to control 3 years later.

Just goes to show you, when the economy is in the crapper, head south, spend like there’s no tomorrow and pretend like life is AOK. Kidding… If the economy is in the crapper, think outside the box. If you have any entrepreneurial spirit at all, you know that a poor economy is a beckoning call for business innovation. Why else do you see such economic recovery after economic downturns? The fact is that more business are created, bought and sold, and  more IPO’s are released during these times.

I used that 3 months away from my job to just THINK. This is what I figured out; I wanted to call the shots. I wanted to rely on myself to provide. I wanted to start and grow a successful business from scratch. I wanted to… well, I wanted to go get another beer from the tiki bar and…..oh look, a seagull……… *Insert Brilliant Business Idea Into Brain*—– WHAT!!……Yeah, the idea dropped on me like that!

In order to just THINK, you have to put yourself in a different scenario. I guess I did, both mentally and physically. I sat there and thought about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to live and what I was going to do about my career? Turns out, when the answers came to me, I hadn’t been thinking about anything… Hell, I was was near comatose. I was staring at the water, listening to flies buzz around and thinking about the color of air(or something that represents thinking about absolutely nothing)..The kind of absolutely nothing right before you fall asleep. The kind of absolutely nothing right when your ears drop below the surface of the pool.  I guess my brain wanted to let go of all of my stress and apparently all cognitive thought, because, I was literally a vegetable when the future started making sense to me.

Come on, what you would do if you were the one who just lost your job…How would you provide? How many billing cycles could you make it? What would you stress about?  If you can’t think about this stuff, well then I envy you. I envy the people who don’t think about “what-ifs”. I also envy people who can just settle. Not me.. Absolutely not me. I am always thinking, scheming, analyzing- what if? What happens if I do this? Honestly, it’s a curse. I primarily think about the past and constantly try and put myself in a coma again, but I’m unsure if it will ever happen again.

This is what I learned about myself: I guess you can just think unlike anyone else when you don’t think at all…..

Welcome to the life of Casey Murawski, perhaps you should just read on to learn a little about me.
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