Thomas Edison Slept on a Board

I work 15 hours a day on average… Yeah, I’m not tooting my own horn. What I am saying is that I give it my all. I’m not gonna lie, when you do it day after day, it gets old. The motivation behind all of this work is putting in time now, so I don’t have to when I’m older.

If you like to get from point A to Point B as fast as I do, then you probably know that the older you get, the slower you become. I’m sure you passed a few “bluehairs”  when you were driving around today just as I did. I follow this simple guideline with my business: do something when you feel it’s necessary. Take Thomas Edison for example. It’s been rumored that he was a polyphasic sleeper. In other words, he slept when he felt tired- sometimes up to 10 naps/day. It’s also rumored that he slept on a board right in the middle of the lab so as to “suffice his neurons and return immediately to thought and practice”. Remembering this little fact from a grade school lecture, I did a little research today and was astonished to find the associating photo which essentially confirms these 2 rumors(if it is in-fact Edison). You know what I think about Edison? I believe he was on a schedule to deliver all he had that day BEFORE he could sleep, so when the sandman came knocking, he simply did what he felt was necessary: pull up a board and let go.

You know who else was were rumored to be polyphasic sleepers? Leonardo Da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill and my hero, Nikola Tesla. What did these guys all have in common? They contributed their knowledge and theories to the world for better or for worse. They didn’t waste time when they didn’t need to, they took action. If it worked for the greatest minds in history, it should also work for a young ambitious entrepreneurs with voracious appetites to contribute something to the bottom line. So therefore, I leave you with this:

Invest in your dreams by letting go of what keeps you awake -CM


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