Mobile App That Should Be Created: Severe Weather Text Alert based on Storm Path using Geo-Location & Historic Travel Routes of the User

If Obama can initiate a mass text based on National Security, then there needs to be an app created that should allow us(app. developers) access to national weather information of severe storms, storm paths, zip, geo-triangulation using gps, cell tower triangulation, signal alternatives and historic travel patterns of users. The user should opt-in to such an alert system to have this information tracked if warranted. If this was to become a reality, a FREE severe weather app that notifies me by text: 1. The ETA of said impending weather based on my geo-location. 2. If I’m heading into something bad(estimated route and ETA based on travel, speed, historical travel trends/models) & 3. If there IS something bad headed my way, where I can go(alternate travel routes, places to take cover).

Make it happen iOS & Android!

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